Testimonials from satisfied customers

The classes at Lucas Studios are awesome in every way! The instructors are very knowledgeable and professional, and it's always lots of fun to be there!! Lucy

I am very happy attending Lucas Studios. I like the instructors and the classes. I mainly go for the Pilates classes. The gym is warm (a particularly nice thing in the Canberra winter) and the equipment is clean and well maintained. There is free parking out the front. I have recommended this gym to my friends and a couple have taken up memberships as well. Yasmin

Just a bit of feedback, I really enjoyed Liz's yoga class last night, we did a new mindfulness exercise in a circle and I felt really good afterwards. Sarah

I have loved every session I have attended, the facilities, diversity of classes and instructors are fantastic, but most importantly the people are amazing. Thank you so much for your support and friendship over the last two years. Jane

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how pleased I am with my decision to start my pilates journey with Lucas Studio’s. Since joining 4 weeks ago now, I feel so much stronger, my posture has improved and my clothes are feeling loose. I would like also to compliment you on your studio, the moment I walked in I noticed how clean and ascetically pleasing it was. Your equipment is 1st class and so are your instructors. Thank you once again Catherine for providing myself and others a beautiful place to do pilates a dance class or use the amazing gym. Ps: as a lover of all Animals your baby Odi is a great touch! All the very best Darleen

Love Lucas studios!

Catherine is always so knowledgeable and welcoming, the classes are fun and I love how good my body feels afterwards.

Devastated I'm missing this mornings class! Have a flat tyre. Will have to do the night reformer class, I can't miss a day lolJade

Lucas Studios provide a bespoke quality service to meet the precise needs of health and fitness clients.

Tailoring a health outcome with dedicated one to one guidance.Paul

Before training at Lucas Studios I had lots of lower back pain. I have scoliosis and muscles in my legs were imbalanced. At times my back would go out and I couldn't walk. All these issues are now greatly improved, I rarely suffer back pain and my back has not gone out for over a year. My core strength and posture have improved immensely. Catherine's training methods are consistent and professional. The results I have gained from training with her has improved my well being on all levels. I have gained confidence. I thoroughly recommend training at Lucas Studios to anyone! Holly

Excellent class sizes, perfect balance of ease of learning and challenging. All in all doing a fantastic job. Shannon

I love each of the instructors styles and I love the friendly experience I have. The instructors are so lovely and set the bar with how clients treat each other. I love coming here! Dani

I have been going to Lucas studios since 2010 and it has been a huge positive lifestyle change for me since joining the last 5 years. I started going for post natal pilates when I had some back pain after my first child and I wanted to keep fit without over -straining my body. Catherine is a fantastic pilates teacher and is one of the few instructors who are certified and sufficiently experienced to provide pilates lessons to women who are pregnant or post birth. I then took her pre natal classes when I was pregnant with my second child and they not only helped me keep fit and healthy during the pregnancy, but they actually assisted me in enjoying my pregnancy and appreciating my body. It was from there I developed a love of pilates. Lucas studios has a range of classes for all different abilities and requirements. There are so many classes to choose from each day, whether you are an early bird or someone that prefers to exercise later in the day, whether you want a rigorous workout like boxfit or something more relaxing like yoga. I currently do Reformer, Butt n barre and Boxfit and all instructors are excellent. I believe that Catherine only hires the best instructors and that is reflected in the quality of her staff. Lessons are catered to people's needs and it takes place in a supportive, personal environment, in small classes with likeminded individuals. There are no show offs, macho types, grunters or anything like that, it is a relaxed friendly and warm environment that welcomes all people of different ages and fitness levels. Sarah

I love ballet and boxfit. I’ve been with Lucas Studios for more that 2 years, it’s the only sustained exercises I’ve done in my life. The instructors are friendly and have made exercising an enjoyable and accessible part of my everyday life. Bec

Really enjoy the different types of classes on offer and the fitness level suits my ability. Katanya

I had tried a few gyms and fitness classes before being introduced to Lucas Studios. Initially I intended to do a few Pilates classes to see how it all went and I am still with Lucas Studio doing Barre and Reformer Pilates. My body feels much better, particularly my back. The stress of the day disappears while I am at the class, and when it is over I feel much better. I go to the classes that Catherine teaches, she really encourages us to learn and experience Pilates at our own pace. We are given different levels of difficulty & not made to feel inadequate. She says it’s more important to get to understand the core principles than injure ourselves. I value her classes and opinion as she blends technique, clear direction, good demonstration and humor into a well-balanced class. I have terrible trouble with left and right, Catherine knows this from the BARRE class experience but Pilates has given me body awareness, core strength, and body confidence. It has taken a while....but I have stuck at it. I have discovered muscles I never knew I had as well as retraining muscles I haven’t used in years. As an instructor Catherine has been extremely knowledgeable and supportive during all sessions, and I have had the opportunity to learn many new exercises on various machines. Catherine and all her instructors are highly skilled and professional and pay special attention to each client’s needs. Since I have started doing Pilates I have to admit that I am more conscious of my posture. Pilates has really helped me a lot and I would definitely recommend it to everybody. Particularly if like me you have old uncomfortable painful back and found out that nothing else seems to work. GIVE IT A TRY and you will be surprised................ It really works! The business has grown at an amazing pace and I have enjoyed each and every class I have attended. Thank you Catherine for all your support, you are without a doubt the best instructor I have ever had. I would recommend Lucas Studios to everyone. Shelly

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