Lucas Studios Reformer Pilates

Correct postural alignment & core stability are the precursors & basis of any exercise programme.

Muscles, tendons & ligaments work as an interconnected chain, so it is important to take a holistic approach to training.

Pilates is a body conditioning programme integrating body & mind, developing muscle control, improving strength & tone.

The core is central to Pilates training as is maximising mobility, range of joint motion, improving stability & balance.

The core refers to the internal abdominal muscles so important for good posture & correct alignment.

Pilates is instrumental in strengthening core muscles including the pelvic floor.

It is a great complement to any exercise programme, improving athletic performance & reducing back pain & injury.

Lucas Studios Mat Pilates

At Lucas Studios we offer the whole gambit of Pilates options in Small Group classes or One on One private sessions:

Lucas Studios Mat & Ball Pilates Room