Lucas Studios frontage on Flemington Rd Mitchell

Lucas Studios is founded on a Vision of providing high quality Leadership & Guidance within a friendly community based atmosphere, helping you adopt a healthy holistic attitude to life.

Wellbeing is all about the Journey rather than simply the Destination.

We seek to Teach, Guide & Inspire in a manner that leads to long term positive sustainable change.

We lead by example with Passion, within a supportive friendly yet professional environment.

We believe that being active should be something you enjoy.

And from which you reap the tremendous benefits for your immediate & long term health & happiness.

We do not offer or endorse short term transformational promises, rather a long term lifestyle change that is both achievable and sustainable.

Lucas Studios Mascot - Odi

Odi is our Official Lucas Studios Mascot.

When you come to our Studios you may meet Odi.

He is a 5year old Pomeranian / Shi Tzu cross.

He has a lively sweet open loving personality.

He loves to be loved.

He does not bite but is a keen licker!

If we have one hard and fast rule at Lucas Studios it is: Be Nice to Odi! :-)